Waldorf Salad – Popular, Healthy And Easy To Prepare

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Waldorf salad is a healthy and light meal made from lettuce, celery, mayonnaise, walnuts and apples. The Waldorf salad recipe was amde in New York and its name comes from the hotel with the same name. The first Waldorf salad was prepared between 1893-1896. It is believed that the master of the hotel, Oscar Tschirky, was the inventor of the Waldorf salad. At the beginning, the Oscar Tschirky had no nuts, but later, they were added to the recipe. In 1895, the Waldorf salad was included in “The Cook Book” written by Oscar Of The Waldorf.

In 1928, the Waldorf salad recipe appeared in The Rector Cook Book and at the same time nuts were added. Then, this salad became so popular that appeared in Cole Porter’s song called “You’re The Top”. In time, the Waldorf salad recipe changed and other ingredients were added, so variations of the salad appeared. Some of the new ingredients that were added were raisins, chicken, turkey, grapes, so it changed a lot. Recently, the mayonnaise has been replaced with yogurt dressing and celery with cauliflower. The latter variation is also called Emerald salad. This type of salad became very popular that it appeared in several films. So, this was an element that made it even more famous than already was and people became more interested in what Waldorf salad is.

Waldorf salad uses simple ingredients that can be found in any season and is also a delicious, healthy and light meal. You can have a Waldorf salad anytime and because it is not at all complicated, you can prepare it at home in a very short time. The Waldorf salad is great even when you are on a diet, but do not use mayonnaise as it has a lot of calories. Plus, you can change this salad the way you want to, by using the above mentioned ingredients or by adding others. Use your imagination and combine many ingredients, so you will never be bored by the Waldorf salad! You can leave it to chill for about 30 minutes, but if you are in a hurry, you can also eat it immediately. The Waldorf salad is a fast and easy to prepare meal. You can have it at the workplace and will provide you with many vitamins and minerals that are very important for your health.

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