Waldorf Salad Without Mayonnaise

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If you want to throw a party and invite many friends of yours, but if you don’t have enough time to cook all day and you also don’t know how to, you should consider a Waldorf salad. Obviously, you can offer another dishes, but this salad is a must. Such a salad can be consumed as a meal itself, or you can combine it with different aliments because its taste will surprise you. The original recipe contains celery, apples, walnuts, lettuce and mayonnaise, but meanwhile, a few ingredients were replaced or added, so there are many variations that you can serve at your party. This salad is perfect on a hot summer day, but also in any other season. This salad was invented by Oscar Tschirky and it’s still popular even today, after such a long time. Even the most famous restaurants in the world offer this wonderful salad, which is not difficult to prepare. Plus, you won’t even pay a lot and you don’t have to be an experienced cook.

As you can see, preparing this salad is convenient from many points of view: it’s delicious, light, easy to prepare and it doesn’t cost you a lot. Additionally, it doesn’t take long to prepare it, which is great. Your friends will be delighted to eat such a delicious salad and they will surely ask you the recipe. Modern recipes don’t contain walnuts anymore, but you can make various experiments and find other ingredients instead; for example, you can add lime juice or spices to create a more exotic taste.

In case you have liver disorders, don’t add mayonnaise, but don’t worry, there are other ingredients which can be added instead. The Internet is at hand, so you can search online and will surely find an appropriate Waldorf salad for you. You can use your imagination, make new experiments and you will certainly find something you will like to eat more often. Nevertheless, you don’t have to stick to one Waldorf salad recipe, but you can prepare a wide variety and try out new things. Your senses will indulge in the wonderful aroma of these ingredients and you will also stay in shape, without putting on weight, so such a salad is strongly recommended.

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