Waldorf Salad – A Tasty And Fresh Dish

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The Waldorf salad is one of the healthiest and easiest to prepare. Its name comes after Waldorf Astoria Hotel Chain. The Waldorf salad was invented in 1893 at this hotel and that is how it got its name. The Waldorf salad ingredients are very healthy and easy to find. All you need to prepare a Waldorf salad are apples, celery, walnuts and a mayonnaise dressing. It is usually an appetizer, but it can be also served whenever you want as it is very tasty, fresh and healthy. Waldorf salad can be changed the way you want, by adding or omitting ingredients, so you can personalise it and adapt it to your taste.

You can be make it as home every quickly, mainly when you are very tired and busy to cooks something more complicated that will take longer. Waldorf salad is appreciated by a lot of people, so if you are throwing a party or organize an event, make sure you will offer the guests Waldorf salad. They will love due to its great taste and is also very light. There are lots of Waldorf salad variations. For example, you can add grapes, lemon or lime juice, give up to the mayonnaise and can also add meat, dried fruits, as well as orange juice and anything else that crosses your mind.

Only by trying different combinations, you will find which is your favourite Waldorf salad variation. This dish is also great in the summer when it is very hot and we feel the need to eat something light. The  Waldorf salad can be adapted if you are on a diet by adding and giving up to different ingredients. There are numerous recipes of how to prepare Waldorf salad on the Internet, but you can try something new as well, and see if you like. With a few clicks, you will find out how to prepare a great and tasty salad that can be eaten anytime. You will enjoy a delicious dish, but healthy and fresh.

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